The Houghton Trust - Promoting research into poultry diseases

The Avian Pathology Lecture
sponsored by the Houghton Trust

On the occasion of each World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Congress, the Houghton Trust sponsors the Avian Pathology Lecture (formerly the Houghton Trust Lecture), which is given by a young scientist (not more than 45 at the time of the relevant Congress), who has made major contributions to the field of poultry disease research.

To mark the occasion, the Lecturer is presented with a certificate and an engraved commemorative award. All costs of attending the Congress at which the Lecture is given are met by the Houghton Trust.

Previous Avian Pathology (Houghton Trust) Lecturers

Year WVPA Venue Lecturer Country Topic
1993 Sydney Paul Barrow UK Salmonellosis
1997 Budapest Isabelle Kempf France Mycoplasmas
2002 Cairo Khatjiah Yusoff Malaysia Newcastle disease
2003 Denver Vladimir Zelnik Slovakia Marek's disease
2005 Istanbul Ilaria Capua Italy Avian influenza
2007 Beijing Amir Noormohammadi Australia Mycoplasmas
2009 Marrakech Pete Kaiser UK Avian immunology
2011 Cancun Erica Spackman USA Viral diagnostics
2013 Nantes Filip van Immerseel Belgium Necrotic enteritis
2015 Cape Town Dieter Liebhart Austria Histomonosis
2017 Edinburgh Mark Stevens United Kingdom Bacterial Zoonoses

The 2019 Lecture will be presented in Bangkok at the XXIst WVPA Congress by Professor Mattia Cecchinato, of the University of Padova on Avian Pneumovirus Infections.

Nominations can be made in two ways:

  • By the Corresponding Secretary of a National Branch of the WVPA
  • By an individual member of the WVPA.

In either case, the nomination must be on the form available for download on the WVPA website (