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Avian Pathology

Avian Pathology is the official Journal of the World Veterinary Poultry Association. It is published by Taylor & Francis Ltd six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Avian Pathology will consider original material relevant to the entire field of infectious and non-infectious diseases of poultry and all other birds, including infections that may be of zoonotic/food-borne importance. Subject areas include pathology; diagnosis; detection and characterisation of pathogens; gene sequences; epidemiology; immune responses; vaccines; genetics in relation to disease; and physiological and biochemical changes that are in response to disease. Manuscripts reporting cases of naturally occurring disease must describe either new diseases or give significant new information about previously known diseases. The information should significantly enhance knowledge and understanding of the disease or pathogen.

Papers on food-borne microorganisms acquired during or after processing are not appropriate. Manuscripts describing the occurrence or morphology of unicellular eukaryotes and multicellular organisms, or which are essentially catalogues of micro-organisms detected, are unlikely to be considered for publication unless they have a clear relationship to disease. First and subsequent reports of occurrence within a country of diseases well-recognized elsewhere will not be accepted unless they also include significant new information about the disease or pathogen. Manuscripts should report novel findings that are of interest to an international readership.

Avian Pathology Editors

Damer Blake UK
Assistant Editor-in-chief  
Janet M. Bradbury UK
Reviews Editor  
Paul Wigley UK
T. van den Berg Belgium
H. Christensen Denmark
Jane K.A. Cook UK
M. França USA
Isabel Gimeno USA
M. Hess Austria
F. van Immerseel Belgium
Natalia Majó-Masferrer Spain
A. Noormohammadi Australia
Silke Rautenschlein Germany
P. Wigley UK
Lonneke Vervelde UK
J.J. (Sjaak) de Wit Netherlands