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Small Project Research Grants

Grants awarded since 2013

  Awarded (£)
Applicant Location Topic Individual Total p.a.
D. Blake Royal Veterinary College Genome sequencing archived E. tenella /genetic basis of drug resistance 9340 17,340
A. Roberts Pirbright Institute Screen of phage adhirons for attachment to MDV proteins 7500
Victoria Smyth Agri-Food & Biosciences NI Broiler reovirus sequencing: is one isolate the direct cause of stunting? 5000
Erica Bickerton Pirbright Institute Importance of IBV E protein in virus pathogenicity 5000 29,997
E. Giotis Imperial College Responses of chick embryo stem cells to viruses 9937
M. Karavalos Roslin Institute Basis of resistance to salmonella by proteomics 9560
Helen Maier Pirbright Institute Role of spherules during IBV multiplication 5000
A.Broadbent Pirbright Institute IBDV in ex-vivo B cells from resistant and susceptible chickens 8000 26,000
C.Chintoan-Uta Roslin Institute Immunity to histomonas; responses in chickens 5000
M. Christodoulides University of Southampton Reverse vaccinology of Brachyspira genomes/ spirochaete vaccines? 5000
P.Wigley University of Liverpool Faecal transplantation: effect on gut health 8000
Virginia M-Hernandez Royal Veterinary College Developing an E. tenella assay in MDBK cells 7000 25,000
Y.Sadigh Pirbright Institute Generating a toolbox to understand innate resistance of viral infections 7000
Holly Shelton Pirbright Institute Sequence diversity of H9N2 diversity shed from buccal and cloacal cavities 5000
J.Williams Royal Veterinary College The role of micro-RNAs in E. tenella induced dysbiosis 6000
X. Dong Royal Veterinary College Impact of Eimeria infection on host microbiota and host responses 9600 34,456
L.Grau Roma University of Nottingham Transmissible viral proventriculitis: assessment and collaboration 9160
A.Hernandez University of Liverpool Study of malaria in zoo penguins 4000
Margherita Maniero University of Bristol Effects of essential oils on mites 2800
Jaqueline Smith Roslin Institute Characterisation of ALV-like tumours in commercial chicken lines 8896
C.Ball University of Liverpool Viable vs non- viable IBV and aMPV: using propium monoazide 3000 41,072
Victoria Smyth Agri-Food & Biosciences NI Use of GFP for CAstv tracing in chick tissues 9960
Janet Daly University of Nottingham IAV in chicks vs ducks using the PP13K pathway 6000
J.Mehat University of Surrey Avian colibacillosis: beneficial properties of probiotics in control 8092
J.Pastor-Fernandez Royal Veterinary College Use if transgenic E. tenella as a vector for E. maxima 9020
Sara Keep Pirbright Ability of IBV to express heterologous genes, especially VP2 5000
A. Asfor Pirbright Institute IBD vector for conserved B- and T-cell epitopes for IBV 5000 36,466
A. Belkhiri University of Nottingham Use of plasmid-mediated sex-pili to modulate E.coli antibiotic sensitivity 3800
A. Broadbent Pirbright Institute Do circadian oscillations in chBms1 expression influence virus replication? 4500
Laura Glendinning Roslin Institute Influence of natural biota on respiratory biota and live respiratory vaccines 4791
Francesca. Soutter Royal Veterinary College MHC locus diversity in commercial vs inbred chickens to E.tenella infection 9000
A.Tsaousis University of Kent To establish a highly reproducible culture system for E. tenella 9375
Total £183,331

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